Enjoy a barbecue healthily without fat!

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 03. 11:10

Many things should be kept in mind when organizing the perfect barbecue, but in order to secure success we should not forget the procurement of the appropriate device either.


“For open-air barbecue we offer the electric grill, because it provides consistent performance, as well as healthy, foods can be prepared without fat” – Krakk Bálint, Catler’s product manager drew attention.

The majority of consumers do not attach great importance to the proper selection of barbecue, even though success of the barbecues can be decisively influenced by the success of the purchased product. Catler is an ideal choice. Its barbecue equipments are coated with titanium-based, non-stick Quantanium™ – so we cancreate heavenly food without using fat.

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