France, a culinary stronghold

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 07. 05. 15:47

French cuisine is characterised by lighter, lower-calorie dishes than traditional Hungarian cuisine. All over the world the French are famous for their sophisticated culinary culture and their attraction to special dishes. French gastronomy developed centuries ago and became one of the most popular cuisines in Europe. It is very diverse: the breakfast usually consists of a cup of coffee with milk and some kind of roll, usually croissant, which they eat with butter, marmalade or honey.

For lunch they have several courses – the French make many types of soup, so the lunch starts with soup, followed by some kind of main dish that is often roast meat with sides. They love veal and beef, fried potatoes and salad. The French rarely eat pork but often have poultry, fish and fruits of the sea. Before the dessert there is always a cheese plate with the most famous French and international cheese varieties. Desserts are rather light and generally contain some kind of fruit. Perhaps one of the best-known French desserts is crème brulée, but macaron is also very popular these days, just like the famous éclair – pastry filled with custard or whipped cream.

The typical French dinner is light and several courses are served. France is the home of excellent wines, but the French also like cider, anise-flavoured spirits and brandies such as Cognac, Armagnac or the wonderful Calvados. Kir – a cocktail made with wine and crème de cassis – is also a popular drink, especially Champagne-based Kir Royal. //