The cooperation between the Tej Terektánács and the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians continues

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 21. 11:39

From the very beginning, the Tej Terméktanács has been committed to providing authentic information to Hungarian consumers about dairy products and their role in a balanced diet. In order to achieve these goals, it continuously seeks partnerships with professional organizations that share the same principle, namely the importance of sharing authentic, evidence-based information.

The joint work will continue in 2023

For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians (MDOSZ) in the spring of 2021. As a result of last year’s successful campaign, the joint work will continue in 2023 under the newly renewed agreement. Milk is one of our most basic foods, which has been part of our healthy diet since childhood. Recently, however, there have been many misconceptions about its consumption, which often stem from misinterpreted or superficial information.

It is not easy to navigate among the many different points of view and find an authentic source, which is why continuous, professionally supported consumer information is important. During the campaign, the MDOSZ provides a professional background in the informative communication of the Product Council, and also supports the media appearances of the Product Council. The main goal of the cooperation is to shape consumers’ attitudes and provide them with authentic information about the role of milk and milk products in healthy nutrition.

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