Magazine: Focusing on the customer experience

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 12. 06. 07:56

The Retailer of the Year competition has been organised again this year, courtesy of Mastercard. Offering good customer experience to shoppers is becoming increasingly important for market players. In 2019 competition winners were announced in the following 3 categories: Best in-store customer experience: Bookline; Best community experience: Budapest Park; Best customer process: PARKL; Bookline (Libri-Bookline Zrt.) was named the overall winner – in 2019 they are the Retailer of the Year.

Endre Eölyüs
country manager Hungary/Slovenia

According to Endre Eölyüs, Mastercard’s country manager in Hungary and Slovenia, a successful store isn’t only a place where products are purchased, but also some kind of platform that connects customers with the values that are important for them. He added that this year the company not only rewarded the most innovative solutions, but also made a study about the state of play in Hungary’s retail trade sector, with the focus on online and physical-store customer experience.

Péter Mondovics
marketing manager

Péter Mondovics, marketing manager of Mastercard said the good customer experience is based on understanding the needs of customers. Retailers’ job isn’t easy, but the survey has revealed that 58 percent of customers with some kind of positive experience while shopping buy more next time or tell their friends about the given shop. //


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