Unnecessary meetings and poorly saved documents make life miserable for domestic office workers

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 04. 10:50

Among other things, Hungary’s first nationwide representative productivity research looked for answers to what factors hinder the daily work of domestic white-collar workers, which can even lead to burnout.

Many things can affect how well an employee feels at work and to what extent they are at risk of burnout. These factors include whether the work is properly organized, how much time is spent on unnecessary meetings, how good ideas find their way, and how effective the flow of information within the company is and how the employee can be a part of it.

Among other things, Hungary’s first nationally representative productivity research, the Great Productivity Map, answers these questions, in which 1,000 white-collar workers were asked how efficient they see their own work and the operation of their company. The online survey was prepared by META-INF, which supplies task management and collaboration solutions, with the cooperation of market researcher NRC.

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