Feed production was developed by Bonafarm-Bábolna

By: STA Date: 2023. 12. 06. 10:00

Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft., in cooperation with the Kaposvár Campus of the Hungarian University of Agrarian and Life Sciences, has developed feeds that promote better growth of broiler chickens and roast ducks with a 406 million HUF European Union grant, and implemented real-time quality control of production – Bonafarm told MTI.

Krisztián Czompó, the company’s director of feed sales and innovation, explained: as part of the research, during early feeding, dissolved amino acids were mixed into the animals’ first feed, which help the development of their digestive system, thus resulting in better nutrient utilization and strengthening the animals’ immune system.

The effect of grain wheat added to the feed was also investigated at a later stage

According to the results, under the influence of 5-10 percent seeds, the glandular stomach of poultry produces more enzymes, which improves the utilization of nutrients. The director added that the company integrated the previously used near-infrared spectrometer (NIR) process into the raw material delivery line and the mixing room as part of the project. During production, the nutrient content of the feed can be measured in real time, during mixing, thereby increasing quality and production efficiency.

The research and development activity was carried out at the company’s premises in Újszaszág, Nagyigmánd and Zalácséb, as well as at MATE’s Kaposvár Campus

Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. produces a total of 460,000 tons of feed annually at five sites. The majority of these are pig, poultry and cattle feed, which are used at Bonafarm Group sites and sold to contractual partners. Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. is a member of the Bonafarm Group, which is one of the dominant agricultural and food business groups in the Central European region, with 5 agricultural and 5 food industry companies. The company achieved sales revenue of HUF 57 billion in 2021 and HUF 72 billion in 2022. The company group, which employs 8,000 people, sells its products under leading brand names in Hungary and exports them to nearly 50 countries around the world.


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