Green Weeks at Auchan lasts until February 21

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 16. 11:53

Auchan’s comprehensive sustainability strategy covers not only store operations, but also merchandise, packaging and customer attitudes. Until February 21st, the products whose production, composition, packaging or lack thereof point in the direction of environmental awareness are on sale. This means hundreds of products, from cleaning products to food. Products that are more environmentally friendly are clearly displayed at the entrance of the stores so that it is easy to choose from them. During Green Weeks, we can be kinder not only to our environment, but also to our wallets if we buy from them.

Until the middle of next week, i.e. until February 21, sustainable products will be in the spotlight in Auchan Magyarország stores. During the Green Weeks, in addition to discounted prices, the department store chain also focused on customer education. In the discount newspaper, they help the conscious customer make a decision with a number of attitude-shaping messages and useful information, and in the stores, they support navigation in the environmentally conscious product range with spectacular displays and signs.

The company has been taking consistent steps towards sustainability for years. For example, Auchan was the first on the domestic market to remove from its stores the seriously polluting, single-use plastic bags in which we put vegetables, fruit, and baked goods. Instead of single-use packaging, they only offer environmentally conscious alternatives such as home compostable bags and reusable textile bags.

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