Food waste can be reduced with this method

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 11:23

The “6 to 1” shopping method popularized by New York chef Will Coleman, whose essence is to choose six vegetables, five fruits, four protein sources, three starches, two sauces and one luxury item every week, has come back into vogue on TikTok. Its purpose is not only to save time and money, but also to reduce food waste.

Coleman, who is also a television personality and content creator, emphasizes with the “6 to 1” method that it not only saves on food expenses, but also increases the variety of choices when shopping. Frances Largeman-Roth, dietician and mother of three children, confirmed the positive effects of the method, highlighting the importance of variety in our diet and a flexible approach to shopping.

For the successful application of the “6 to 1” shopping method, meal planning is essential. It is important to think in advance about what kind of food we would prepare that week and choose the ingredients based on this. Largeman-Roth recommends that we first look at the supplies we already have and then choose accordingly, taking into account recipes or sales.

The “6 to 1” method not only makes shopping more efficient, but also helps to make our meals more varied and targeted, while contributing to reducing food waste.

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