Bejgli of the Year competition 2023

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 03. 26. 10:05

At the end of last year the Bejgli of the Year competition was held for the 4th time. The traditional festive specialties competed at Zila Café in Budapest.

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This year 51 bejglis entered the contest. Entries were accepted in the Traditional Walnut, Traditional Poppy Seed and Gourmet categories. In the Gourmet category any flavoured and filled bejgli with a characteristic ingredient listed in the Food Book as an ingredient could compete. In addition to the walnut and poppy seed rolls, chestnuts, fruit and fruit preparations, cocoa and chocolate products, spices, lemon zest, raisins, honey, oil seeds, milk and dairy products could be used in the bejglis. This category also included special bejglis with mixed fillings.

The jury tasted 51 bejglis entered for the contest

A jury of three judges per category assessed the entries, and the jury of experts was joined by “amateur” evaluators so that the consumer needs were also taken into account.

The results:

Traditional walnut

– Walnut Bejgli of the Year: Gabriella Lengyel – Édes Szelet Confectionery, Bp.

– 2nd: Károlyné Kiss – Major Confectionery, Bp.

– 3rd: Zoltánné József Kara – Erika Confectionery, Kesztölc

Traditional poppy seed:

– Poppy Seed Bejgli of the Year: Andrea Simon – Desszert Center, Gyomaendrőd

– 2nd: Anikó Fazekasné Both – Both Confectionery, Tolna

– 3rd: Károlyné Kiss – Major Confectionery, Bp.

Gourmet category:

– Gourmet Bejgli of the Year: Advent Dawn – Renátó Millei, Dinasztia Confectionery, Siófok

– 2nd: Treasure of the East – Erika Dezső and Éva Magyar, Gerő Confectionery, Nagykanizsa

– 3rd: Peanut and Fig – Anett Borongics, Süti Butik, Nagykanizsa //


Italys Panettone

Panettone is an Italian type of sweetbread and fruitcake, originally from Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed at Christmas and New Year. //


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