As a company manager, pay attention to this in your annual evaluation this year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 12. 14. 09:33

The consequence of the events of the past period is that people’s faith in a secure future has fundamentally faltered. This started during the Covid epidemic and continued with the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The latter has an even greater impact on people’s daily lives, their sense of comfort is constantly under threat. In this sensitive period, it is particularly important what the company management prepares for the employees at the end of the year. Magdolna Mihályi, the managing director of the Jobtain HR service provider, shared her experiences on how a company manager can prepare for the annual evaluation speech, what messages are important to convey to employees and how to be a credible leader in their eyes. Company Christmas gifts and the year-end reward system may also be worth considering.

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