Maxima Latvija Launches Scheme To Deal With Bio Waste

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 01. 26. 09:23

Maxima Latvija has unveiled a new initiative that seeks to inform customers about sorting waste and encourage them to review their daily waste habits.

The scheme is within the framework of the ‘#biovaig’ campaign implemented by the Riga City Council.

Newly-designed paper bags have been introduced to stores for a certain period of time, which will inform buyers about biological waste and educates them about waste management. The new paper bags are available in 88 Maxima stores in the Riga region.

The bags include information about the types of biological waste that can be sorted into biological waste containers and other designated areas. They are available from January to mid-February in stores at a price of €0.30.

“Waste sorting and further processing play an essential role in promoting environmental sustainability,” commented Santa Roberta, Maxima Latvija’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager. “By properly sorting waste, it is possible to create positive changes both in your everyday life and in society as a whole, starting with the recycling of materials and reducing resources for the production of new products, and ending with the promotion of a clean environment.

“Although bio-waste is not a new type of waste, its separate collection is gradually being introduced. Maxima Latvija also purposefully implements various activities to promote waste sorting habits in society.”


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