International trends were tested on a Hungarian Instagram account

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 11. 19. 11:12

Hungary’s first Instagram marketing book will be published on 27 November, 2018, documenting every step of the design and implementation, as well as the data and the results.

“How do we hit the time this summer? – the idea came to us in spring 2018. We all wanted to know that the many tips and tricks we read or use on the insta, how works in reality. So we started a summer hobby project where we built an instagram account for a start-up SME from zero, while we measured everything we could measure – can be read in the foreword of the book. The four authors of the drafting book, Babanics Írisz, SME marketing consultant, Heinrich Dorka, SME PR consultant, Csató Zsuzsi, photo and visual consultant, and Kovács Laci, Instagram.

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