EM: the National Environmental Protection Program ensures the improvement of the country’s environmental condition

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 08. 10:25

The purpose of the 5th National Environmental Protection Program (NPP) is to improve Hungary’s environmental condition, to protect the health and quality of life of Hungarian families and communities, to protect natural values and resources, and to green the economy and strengthen its circular operation. All of this will contribute to the fact that by 2030, Hungary will be among the countries in Europe where it is best to live, live and work in a safe and clean environment, the Ministry of Energy (EM) wrote in a statement sent to MTI on Wednesday.

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They wrote that the 5th NKP builds on the results of the past period, since between 2015 and 2020 the utilization rate of waste increased, green transportation options expanded and the demand for environmentally conscious consumption increased. In addition, the quality of chemical drinking water has improved, the proportion of homes connected to the sewer network and properly treated wastewater has increased, and the size of agricultural land involved in organic farming has increased by almost two and a half times, said Anikó Raisz, the state secretary responsible for the environment and circular economy, according to the announcement. He emphasized that the submission of the environmental protection program was preceded by extensive cooperation, inter-ministerial consultation and consultation with civilians and other actors in society.

In addition to environmental benefits, the measures of the program also contribute to reducing resource dependence and increasing competitiveness

Its primary objective is to increase the rate of waste utilization and reduce the amount of illegal waste, as well as to spread sustainable lifestyles and consumption more widely. It also aims to contribute to the reduction of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions and to promote the preservation of biological diversity and the restoration of the damaged environment, to expand environmentally friendly transport options, and to increase the use of renewable energy sources, the ministry wrote. They added that this is also supported by the resources of the long-term budget period of the European Union 2021-27, from which the government plans to spend a significant amount on water management, the development of circular economic systems and sustainability, renewable energy management, and other priority areas of environmental and nature protection areas.

Since 1997, the National Environmental Protection Programs for six-year periods have been the comprehensive framework of Hungary’s environmental policy goals and measures. The summary report on the results of the 4th environmental protection program defining the previous period was adopted by the Parliament together with the new program – they wrote.


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