New directions: Kunság-Szesz Zrt. is looking forward

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 10. 16. 10:11

Our magazine interviewed Kunság-Szesz Zrt.’s CEO László Nagy, founder and owner of the spirits company.

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trade logo 2x superbrands What was the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the company?

Nagy László-Kunság Szesz

László Nagy

– Sales dropped 20 percent in March-April when the HoReCa sector closed, but parallel to this people started stockpiling. All in all, we can say that the crisis didn’t break us and we were looking forward, finding new directions for the period after the restrictions are lifted.

trade logo 2x superbrands What kind of developments did this entail?

– We had managed to purchase enough raw materials in time, so production could continue. Kunság-Szesz Zrt. launched various development projects too.

trade logo 2x superbrands What are these?

– In today’s world IT, the internet and social media permeate our daily lives. In 2019 6 million users registered in social media only in Hungary and the share of online purchases increased considerably.

trade logo 2x superbrands How did you react to these new challenges?

– We speeded up our projects, for instance entering e-commerce (social shopping, online shop, Instagram shop). The company keeps bettering its social media presence (Facebook, Instagram). We also use influencer marketing.

trade logo 2x superbrands Did you realise other innovation projects as well?

– In the last few months we rolled out the plum and sour cherry variants of our premium bitter, Mátyás Keserű Likőr. Plus in the spring we created excellent new Mátyás Keserű based cocktails with the involvement of famous bartenders.

Kunság Szesz - Mátyás Keserű

trade logo 2x superbrands What are your latest plans?

– Early summer we commenced the Mátyás Keserű tour: a roadshow with DJs that visits bars and clubs to present our new products, promoting the latest flavorus. (x)

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