More innovative products among green packaging solutions

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 11. 18. 20:14

As a result of #zerowaste movements and other environmental campaigns, the number of degradable and recyclable packaging designs is growing. The following three firms are regional BUNZL Group members.

Silwell is open to innovation: Silwell has already focused on recyclable plastic and innovative paper-based packaging materials in 2019. The company keeps expanding its product portfolio with products made from sugarcane, bamboo, corn starch and palm leaf.

Propack, the master of special solutions: Propack specialises in providing catering partners, retailers and agri-food producers with professional kitchen, processing and packaging machinery, but they also manufacture single-use plastic, paper and eco-friendly packaging materials.

BUNZL Magyarország – Serving work hygiene for 28 years: BUNZL serves the work hygiene protection needs of partners, with a strong offering in the cleaning business. Many of their solutions are green and consulting is also available to partners. (x)

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