A croissant can cost up to HUF 2,500 in a luxury bakery in Budapest

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 21. 10:27

The pricing and economic model of luxury bakeries in Budapest has been a topic in consumer circles for years. Recently, more and more people decide to pay the price of a croissant filled with cream served with coffee, even if this price can reach HUF 2,500. This trend is becoming more and more accepted in the inner districts of the capital, where people are willing to pay a higher price for quality and a special experience.

Luxury as a feeling of life

The rise in popularity of luxury bakeries is not only observed among gourmets. These stores also represent a sense of life, where the high price of quality materials and expertise means affordable luxury for customers. The price of such a pastry often exceeds the cost of a simpler lunch, yet consumer behavior shows that there is a demand for premium category products.

Economic Issues and Profitability

Criticisms of the economic model of luxury bakeries often focus on high profits. Based on the financial reports of the companies, they can record an operating profit of 20-30 percent, which significantly exceeds the profit rates achieved by traditional bakeries or larger bakery chains. This raises the question of whether the high prices are justified, or whether this form of luxury consumption burdens consumers too much.

Public Opinion and Market Analysis

Public opinion is divided: some think the prices of luxury bakeries are acceptable, while others think these prices are unreasonably high. Market analysis shows that while high prices may seem off-putting at first, demand continues to grow, proving that customers are willing to pay for high quality.

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