Experts urge drastic measures: the food supply of the entire world may depend on it

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 21. 07:00

The participants of the summit formulated a seven-point action plan on consolidating global food systems and addressing known challenges and problems.

On September 20, 2022, the leaders of the governments of the United States of America, the European Union, the African Union, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Colombia and Nigeria met in New York within the framework of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to discuss global food security and discuss the related problems and their possible solutions. In a joint statement, the participants of the Leaders’ Summit reaffirmed their commitment to urgent, broad and collective action to address the urgent food security and nutrition needs of hundreds of millions of people around the world. As written, food systems and global food security are at a critical juncture. Global pandemics, increasing pressure from the climate crisis, high energy and fertilizer prices, and protracted conflicts, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have strained production and supply chains and dramatically increased global food insecurity, especially for the most vulnerable.

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