Coca-Cola’s smartwater launches canned water as demand for convenience rises

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 04. 10. 09:10

Coca-Cola brand smartwater is rolling out 12 oz aluminum cans for water, offering an updated design and elevated consumption experience.

Smartwater original and smartwater alkaline with antioxidant have been available on US shelves starting this week, marking “the first” vapor-distilled water to hit the market in the format. The cans are available in eight-packs alongside the trademark’s existing portfolio of bottled options.

Tiphanie Maronta, the company’s senior director for Brand Marketing, says: “Smartwater has been dedicated to anticipating consumer needs and trends in hydration since first launching our vapor-distilled water in 1996. We are always looking for smarter hydration solutions.”

Aluminum cans are “having a moment” in the water category, as consumers demand convenient and eco-friendly packages, asserts the company.

The original smartwater aluminum can showcases a silver drop against its royal blue background, while the alkaline with antioxidant can features a silver drop against a black base. The new cans render the brand’s signature color palette in a sleek, elegant design, according to the brand.

A creative campaign available from early May will showcase minimalist, close-up images of the new packaging and key visuals across out-of-home, radio and social media, with copy such as “taste & style, “oh that’s smart” and “still smart, just canned.” In-store signage will invite shoppers to “crack, sip, refresh.”

The launch of the aluminum cans follows the rollout of smartwater alkaline with antioxidant in March 2023. The product features a 9.5 pH level, a “unique” electrolyte blend and selenium — an antioxidant that supports post-workout muscle — to complement active, high-performance lifestyles.

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