Praktiker’s online store became a digital hero: it was included in the list of winners of Forbes and Google

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 29. 11:34

The online store of the Hungarian-owned Praktiker was among the digital heroes on the Forbes and Google Digital Heroes list. Based on a survey conducted in three Central European countries, the recognition was awarded to the Hungarian DIY store chain by the magazine and the American technology world company based on, among other things, business results, performance measurement data, and expert evaluations.

It is also a clear trend in the DIY market that the share of e-commerce is constantly expanding, so it is no coincidence that a domestic online store from this sector was also able to become one of the largest online market players in the recent period. already had the sixth largest traffic among Hungarian-owned websites last year, and the webshop has the highest brand awareness in the home, garden and pet category. The webshop of the Hungarian-owned DIY store was completely renovated this year, and customers are still waiting for more than 30,000 products and online offers that are updated every two weeks.

This time, the performance of Praktiker’s webshop was also rewarded with a prestigious recognition, when it was chosen as one of the winners of the Forbes and Google Digital Heroes list. The business magazine and the globally known technology giant mapped the digital heroes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in addition to Hungary. First, a shortlist of companies with significant online trading activities was created, using public data and with the assistance of renowned e-commerce experts. After that, a list of ten big actors and three “rising stars” was compiled based on various criteria. The evaluation criteria included last year’s sales, the growth rate, and the performance achieved in the last one-year period. Based on the above criteria, Praktiker was also selected among the digital heroes in the online store category, recognizing the outstanding online performance of the Hungarian-owned DIY store since 2016.

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