Sándor Czomba: the proportion of guest workers is low, jobs cannot be taken away from Hungarians

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 17. 09:17

Hungary belongs to the Hungarians, it is only possible to temporarily stay and work in our country for the purpose and legal title determined by the Hungarian state, and if conditions are met, as well as if the state decides to do so. The new Immigration Law and its regulations also regulate the stay in Hungary as strictly as possible for foreigners – highlighted Sándor Czomba, the State Secretary responsible for employment policy at the Ministry of National Economy, in his statement on Wednesday.

According to KSH data, the number of foreigners staying in Hungary has increased by 53,000 since 2010, which means an average increase of only 4,000 people per year. There is no question that a mass of foreigners has surprised our country in the last decade – emphasized Sándor Czomba.

The data show that of the 514,000 foreigners who arrived in Hungary between 2010 and 2023, less than half, 251,000, are currently staying in Hungary, which is only 2.6 percent of the total population. 36,000 of them are temporarily staying in Hungary for their studies.

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