Bankruptcy at the Surjány Hús Kft.

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 05. 14. 11:21

The Törökszentmiklós-based Surjány Hús Kft. declared bankruptcy – Origo wrote. The company is unable to pay wages to its employees, due to the lack of funds.

SurjanyhusOn 13 May the Surjány Hús Kft. asked bankruptcy proceedings against itself, because the company was unable to pay wages to its employees. The company told Origo that the management of the Surjány Hús Kft. decided to open bankruptcy proceedings, because the company's operation can not be financed in its current form, due to the lack of resources.

“During the bankruptcy proceedings, the owners will make every effort to conclude the bankruptcy arrangement and after the conclusion of the agreement to reorganize the production of the company.” (origo, Koncsek Rita)

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