Is there a company without receivables?

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 11. 15. 10:49

According to Judit Üveges, head of B2C and B2B sales at debt collection specialist Intrum Justitia, there are very few companies which aren’t owed to. It can cause liquidity problems to a company if partners don’t pay their debts, plus the collection of money must also be managed. The best solution is to have debts managed and collected by a specialist, because in-house debt collection management takes away resources – both human and financial – form other important company units.

There is no point in waiting too long with debt collection: research data on Hungary reveal that the chances for collecting a debt are twice as big in the cease of receivables younger than 90 days. Ms Üveges added: each case is different, so debt collection can’t be done using a general strategy – personalised solutions are needed, and this is exactly what Intrum Justitia provides partners with, (x)

Judit Üveges
head of B2B and B2C sales
Intrum Justitia