Reducing plastic by 80 percent: Cleanyst launches at-home reusable products system

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2019. 05. 24. 08:50

Personal care and cleaning products company Cleanyst has launched an innovative at-home system that allows consumers to easily create plant-based products using concentrated ingredients and water from their own taps. The launch is part of the company’s bid to minimize carbon emissions and plastic waste.

According to the company, water makes up two-thirds or more of the weight of most home and body care products, driving up not only packaging and shipment costs, but also plastic and carbon footprints. The company also aims to make plant-based cleaning and personal care products more sustainable, accessible and affordable for consumers.

Creating the home and body care products with the Cleanyst system only takes a few minutes. First, users load a reusable bottle and ingredients pouch into the appliance. Next, they select the applicable mix program for the pouch and the appliance does the rest, adding water at the required temperature, dispensing concentrate directly into the bottle and mixing at the required speed. Within two to three minutes a 12 or 16 fl. oz. “micro-batch” of a plant-based finished product is ready to use. The user simply twists on a dispensing accessory, such as a pump or sprayer, on the neck of the mixing bottle, which will be reused when the product runs out and it is time to create another batch.

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