Brocard’s course

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 03. 23. 10:21

2019 ended with a spectacular master course in the new workshop of the guild: Sebastien Brocard and his ‘apprentice’ Jonas Gaume from Saint-Genis-Pouilly brought their products. Both masters were preparing two products at the same time – in parallel – and the desserts made were: Azur, Carrement Bon, Carremont Blanc, Fleur D’or, Nuance and Yellow.

The first day focused on pastry dough and decorations, while on the second day, creams, ganaches and gels were in the spotlight, together with a surprise: coloured and flavoured croissant. Participants had the opportunity to learn many tricks, techniques and preparation methods. The third day was spent with table decorating, tasting, taking photos and presenting certificates. //

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