Húsház Hungary: Facility enlargement

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 24. 22:08

Húsház Hungary Kft. is one of the biggest food wholesalers in West Hungary. Zoltán Péterszegi informed that last year they had realised the first stage of an enlargement project for the company’s premises in Balatonlelle – this step doubled their refrigerated storage capacity. The company does its best to offer worker-friendly conditions to employees.

Zoltán Péterszegi
managing director
Húsház Hungary

Húsház Hungary Kft.’s equipment and machinery are also being modernised. Right now the most important task is increasing the quality of service provided to parents. They always add new products to the portfolio, for instance recently special hamburger patties and barbecue meats have appeared in the product selection. //

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