Shop scales, slicers and packers – these are the engines of innovation

By: Budai Klára Date: 2023. 09. 14. 11:55

Automation is one of the key trends in industrial and shop scales. Machines and software are more and more frequently responsible for the weighing processes. Another important trend is the spreading of computer-based “smart scales” – these scales are connected to the internet and can communicate with other devices.

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2023/8-9.

Zoltán Novák
managing director

“Among retail scales, touchscreen scales with large seller-side and buyer-side colour displays are still less common, even if they have been present in Hungary for years”,

told Zoltán Novák, general manager of Micra-Metripond Kft.


Expanding product range

László Hegyi
retail business unit
Bizerba Mérleg Hungária

Energy efficiency is a key issue for slicers.

“In many western countries, a range of fresh vegetables, deli products and cheese can now be packed on-site. The shortage of deli workers can be compensated with automatic and semi-automatic machines and less human intervention”,

added László Hegyi, retail business unit manager of Bizerba Mérleg Hungária Kft.

The company offers new scales that are unique in both hardware and software. Their complex food processing and packaging machines and labelling solutions are available with custom-made labels. The new generation of scales are designed to fit in with the low-cost plant operation trend.



Challenging period, complex solutions

In recent years, demand for food products has been growing steadily. As a result of this, demand for scales has also increased, for both industrial-use and in-store models, explained Zoltán Novák. László Hegyi added that the microchip shortage, supply chain and transportation difficulties, the economic situation, and the rise in energy prices have put a halt to the investment and development plans of companies.

Micra-Metripond Kft. manufactures and sells industrial scales, and they also distribute the products of Spanish company DIBAL. Micra-Metripond Kft. is increasingly focusing on offering complex products to partners, such as complete weighing and labelling stations, fully automatic weighing-labelling equipment that can be integrated into a production line, or machines for sorting by weight. //

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