BNI: it is difficult to reintegrate mothers with young children into the labor market

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 29. 10:19

Women still have to meet conflicting expectations regarding starting a family and getting a job, which not only complicates their situation, but also takes away significant resources in terms of the economy and the labor market. The proportion of part-time workers in our country is still low, but at the same time, the need arises for most new mothers to earn some kind of extra income in addition to raising children. Today, there are more and more opportunities for this, from starting your own business to working in cooperatives. At the same time, there are a lot of questions: where should you start, how should you be taxed, will an idea become a viable business? On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the BNI Hungary business community has put together some expert tips.

Business development is an increasingly popular topic in public discourse, blogs and television programs explore good ideas and show how to start a profitable business. Although slowly, women are also breaking into the entrepreneurial life more and more confidently and are looking for additional income for themselves or even an activity that will establish the basis for a later career change after the arrival of their child. According to statistics, expectant mothers are still quite inactive in the labor market, mainly due to inflexible employment conditions. For many, the new life situation is also a period of finding their way, when they reevaluate their professional careers and make decisions about their future, now with the knowledge that they are also responsible for their families.

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