Budapest stores are the last to open

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 07. 09. 13:39

The traditional shopkeeping industry is improving. The hunting of real estate and moving away from the epidemic is also reflected in the shop world, since the shops of the capital and the balaton counties jumped in May compared to the pre-epidemic period.

But it also mattered that web shopping was the strongest in the capital, where shoppers could still get stuck. And the travelers didn’t come. The statistics show that in the epidemiological months, capital city shops lost the most among traditional shops. And they’re clinging out of the hole the slowest. The majority of traditional shops have already reached pre-epidemic levels in terms of regional (county-by-county) averages, with the exception of those in the capital. And here in May, there was still a significant backlog, 11%.


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