Organic food: how much more should we pay for sustainability?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 04. 11:43

The pursuit of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is becoming more and more important for people, and one of its important elements is the consumption of organic food. The Agrárszektor has now made the rounds of how much more certain organic products cost in Hungarian stores, and why.

The distinguishing feature of organic products is that they come from organic farming and are grown according to strict regulations. These products do not contain artificial fertilizers, toxic or synthetic substances and are not subjected to genetic modification. The land on which they are grown must have been chemical-free for three years, and they must be at least 95% organic.

Based on the comparison made by the Agrárszektor, we can see that the price of organic food can be significantly higher than that of conventional products. For example, the price of a kilogram of white bread in Tesco is 800 forints, while in Auchan it is only 418 forints. However, if someone wants to buy organic bread, they have to pay HUF 1,800 on average. Similarly, at Auchan, the price of a kilogram of bananas is HUF 685, while organic bananas cost HUF 1,000. The situation is similar in the case of milk: the price of 2.8% liter milk in Auchan ranges from HUF 267-345, while the price of organic milk is HUF 542.

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