Retail chain Manna successfully battled the pandemic with expansion

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 06. 15. 10:36

Manna was 15 years old last year, but instead of celebrations 2020 and the pandemic brought the most difficult period ever for András Papp, co-owner of the Manna ABC grocery store chain. The shops’ opening hours had to be shortened – before the pandemic Manna stores were open 24 hours a day – and sales revenue plunged by 47 percent.

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However, it also turned out that the Manna ABC chain is crisis-resistant, thanks to the fact that despite the hardships the retailer kept going forward. Stores were modernised, the product selection got bigger and Manna opened two new stores, one in the Váci Greens office building on Váci Road and another in the Agora office complex on the Pest side of Árpád Bridge.

Mr Papp explained that the latter is special because it features a hybrid solution: there is a bakery inside, which practically operates separately from the grocery store. In the next phase of development Manna plans to launch a network of bakeries at busy spots in Budapest. Manna ABCs will soon enter the market of online grocery shopping. The chain also intends to expand from the current 15 Budapest stores to 40 Manna ABCs in the capital city. (x)

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