The Hungarian company that manufactures biodegradable space-filling foam was involved

By: STA Date: 2022. 10. 29. 11:50

AMCO Csomagolástechnikai és Konzultációs Kft., the producer of GreenFill biodegradable space-filling foam used for goods delivered in boxes, will double its capacity (to 100,000 liters) in November, the company told MTI.

(Photo: Pixabay)

In the announcement, attention was drawn to the severe nature-damaging effect of petroleum-derived polystyrene space-filling materials, noting that the demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing significantly. For this reason, the company decided to double its production capacity at its site in Bács-Kiskun county by November. The environmentally friendly GreenFill – the material used to fill the air space in the boxes – is produced from corn starch by extruding the raw material, it does not contain any synthetic ingredients and has no harmful environmental effects – they wrote.

The company is the only one in Hungary that uses renewable technology to produce the material for filling the empty space in the boxes

Kálmán Magyar, the company’s managing director, said that the space-filling foam made from cornstarch can be dissolved in water and composted, so no waste is generated when using it, and because it is very light, it does not significantly affect the weight of the package, and thanks to its shape, it perfectly surrounds the products and is not electrostatic. He added: the product is available in several color versions, which is why various brands can use it for brand building.

AMCO Csomagolástechnikai és Konzultációs Kft. has been present on the market for 30 years and since 2017 has been the only one in Hungary to produce space-filling material with renewable technology. Today, they also have production units in Transylvania and Vojvodina. According to publicly available company data, 24 employees were employed in the 2020 business year, and 23 in 2021. The company’s annual net sales in 2020 were 703 million forints, in 2021 it increased to 1 billion 73 million forints, its profit after tax was 5 million 270 thousand forints in 2020 and 14 million 750 thousand forints in 2021.


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