The fall barley harvest is over

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 28. 11:00

Due to the rainy weather of the past day, the harvesting work has slowed down, therefore the summer plowing continues without interruption in the fields, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The head of the ministry reminded that during the summer months, harvesting works are carried out on 1.8 million hectares, as the size of the autumn sowing areas is above average in the current farming year. At the beginning of the harvest, the ears of corn and canola were also in favorable condition. In the case of these plants, the national quantity and average yield of the crop fell short of previous expectations, better than last year’s historic drought year – added István Nagy. He added that the harvest of autumn barley was completed, which yielded a total of 2,193,710 tons on 397,875 hectares. The national yield average is 5.5t/hectare, which falls short of expectations. The autumn crop area has increased significantly compared to last year. In the case of this plant as well, the works are nearing the end, at 86% completion, an average yield of around 5.5 t/ha is expected. The harvest of autumn cabbage rape is also coming to an end. Its sowing area is 189,000 hectares, 50 thousand hectares less than last year. However, a good average yield is promised, the total yield may be around 614,000 tons, the minister explained. István Nagy also touched on the fact that straw harvesting and stubble harvesting were completed as the weather permits. Due to the rains, the upper part was in a favorable state of moisture, so the stubble stripping and the second sowing work were accelerated.


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