Magazine: Gold from Asia

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 07. 24. 07:33

The health trend of the last 10 years started a rice revolution. Annual rice consumption is approximately 3 million tons in the European Union. Besides salads, rice is one of the healthiest side dishes, which can be paired perfectly with any kind of meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan dish. Rice is rich in protein and free from cholesterol.

White rice can be used in many ways, for making food, drinks, starters or desserts. ‘A’ rice must contain minimum 90 percent intact grains, while in the case of ‘B’ rice this proportion is 80 percent. Jasmine rice is becoming popular in Hungary – this variety is more fragrant and can be eaten using chopsticks. When choosing rice for a dish, we must keep in mind that the rice grown in the Mekong Delta is as good as gold! We can always rely on the good quality of rice coming from there, thanks to the climate and 5,000 years of growing traditions. //