EU laws are expected to be tightened in marking the origin of honey mixtures

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 21. 11:46

The president of the National Hungarian Beekeeping Association, Péter Bross, told amending the directive on honey would promote the consumer’s free choice and the protection of his health.

After joining the EU, Hungary was the first to amend the 2001 EU directive on honey and honey labeling for almost twenty years. According to its point of view, there is a clear demand from producers and consumers for the exact indication of the countries of origin of the honeys that make up the honey mixtures.

According to Péter Bross, the current EU legal environment belongs to the category of joke, it is unbelievable that a clean situation has not been created over the years. According to the current rules, if customers go to a supermarket, for example, they only see enough information on a given bottle that it contains a mixture of EU and non-EU honey – the distributor has no obligation to provide more information than that. But the consumer learns almost nothing from this, except that the honey does not come from the Moon, but from the Earth.

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