The artist of harmony

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2020. 12. 16. 10:28

Cukrász logóAt two weekends in October Dávid Jakabfi hosted 2-day dessert courses in the guild’s educational workshop. Mr Jakabfi is a pastry chef, which means he works in the field of modern restaurant desserts. He has built his own educational workshop in Nagykanizsa, where he offers courses. At the moment he doesn’t plan opening a confectionery. He specialises in plate desserts and 90 percent of his desserts are his own creations. The young confectioner has 35,000 followers in social media. He is of the opinion that modern guests aren’t looking for rich desserts any more – they don’t like it when the sweet taste surpasses all other flavours.

Az összhangművész - horeca

The grand master of plate desserts



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