Magazine: The guild’s general vice president

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 05. 29. 07:14

I have been taking part in the guild’s work for five years. As general vice president my tasks include organising the ‘Ice Cream of the Year’ competition and launching the guild’s youth branch.

I feel that it is my obligation to familiarise consumers with artisan confectionery. The guild can help members with grant programmes and training materials – we organise study trips to foreign countries, French master courses and trade days. We plan to turn the new headquarters into an educational and training centre; we have already purchased some of the equipment necessary for this.

Balázs Ipacs
general vice president
National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners

I am happy to see that many confectionery shops are making progress and they serve desserts that represent the quality we are used to in Italy or France. I believe that the young generation of confectioners, who go and learn abroad, who exchange their experiences with one another and take the advice of old Hungarian masters, will start a confectionery revolution in Hungary in a few years! My view is that in comparison with the West, we are lagging behind in the area of packaging and presentation. //

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