The EU authorizes the use of genetically modified corn as food and feed

By: STA Date: 2024. 07. 02. 09:30

The European Commission has authorized the use of two varieties of genetically modified corn as food and feed, the Brussels body announced on Tuesday. The commission’s authorization decision allows these genetically modified maize to be imported into the EU for use in food and feed, but still prohibits their cultivation in the EU.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The corn varieties have undergone a comprehensive and strict evaluation procedure, which ensures a high level of protection of human and animal health, as well as the environment, reads the commission’s press release. The European Food Safety Authority issued a favorable scientific assessment prior to approval, stating that these genetically modified corns are as safe as their conventional counterparts. Licenses are valid for 10 years and all products produced from these genetically modified plants are subject to strict EU labeling and traceability rules.


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