8 percent more sunflower seed production is expected in the EU

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 07. 10:00

Oil World expects a worldwide sunflower seed harvest of 56.7 million tons (+3 percent) in 2023/2024. financial year. The global output may be 0.5 million tons below the indicated consumption of 57.2 million tons, so the closing stock may be between 4 and 5 million tons in 2023/2024. at the end of the season.

(Photo: AKI PÁIR)

According to Tallage, in the European Union, from a 4 percent smaller area (4.9 million hectares), with an average yield of 2.1 tons per hectare (+13 percent), an 8 percent more crop of 10.1 million tons is expected.  In Romania, from an unchanged area (1.28 million hectares) 2.3 million tons (+4 percent), in Bulgaria from a 6.5 percent smaller area (860 thousand hectares) – due to a 17 percent decrease in yield – 1.7 million tons (-22 percent ) crop can be stored. In France, they can harvest 22 percent more oilseeds (2.2 million tons) from a 2 percent smaller area (840 thousand hectares), with a 26 percent higher average yield (2.6 tons/hectare).

In Hungary, farmers harvested 2 million tons of sunflower seeds from 675,000 hectares with a yield of 3 tons/hectare this year (AM)

According to AKI PÁIR data, processors and traders bought high-oleic sunflower seeds (HO) for HUF 135,500/ton (-53 percent) and high-oil (LO) for HUF 119,500/ton (-53 percent) in October in his last week. The producer price of industrial sunflower seeds (including high oleic sunflower seeds) without VAT and transport costs was HUF 123.7 thousand/tonne (-54 percent) on average.


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