Food Bank: We talk a lot about the harmful effects of food wastage on warming up

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 07. 03. 11:15

We know that if we look at the harmful effects of food waste and consider waste as a country, then America and China would be the third biggest polluter.

That is why it is important to deal with food waste on a daily basis. The most important task of the Hungarian Food Bank Association is to save food, which also aims to reduce the significant environmental burden caused by the destruction of food, as well as the supply of the needy.

The Hungarian Food Bank saves food surplus from food producers, commercial chains. The key to success for foods saved from commercial chains is fast delivery. Due to the difficult position of the transportation market, the lack of drivers, the non-profit existence of the Food Bank Association, the scarcity of resources makes it difficult to save food daily.

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