Food self-sufficiency is a strategic issue

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 20. 11:00

In the shadow of the war, food self-sufficiency is a strategic issue – stated Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the round table discussion of the 32nd Bálványosi Summer Free University and Student Camp in Tusnádfürdő on Thursday.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

The head of the ministry reminded that Hungarian agriculture had to deal with serious challenges, after the historic drought, the negative effects of the war and the failed Brussels sanctions also hit our country.However, negative situations should be used as opportunities, he added. He emphasized that the Hungarian government has strengthened its relationship with the Hungarian farming community, as the Hungarian agriculture and food industry is a strategic sector. The government therefore decided to provide additional national funding to the maximum extent provided by EU law, 80 percent, in addition to the EU development fund. This way, three times more money will be available for the development of agriculture than in the previous EU funding period, explained the minister.

István Nagy also spoke about the country’s backbone being the countryside, so everything must be done to strengthen it

The government focuses on the rural way of life and the preservation of traditions. We work for them every day, added the minister. The head of the ministry also mentioned that the measures focus on strengthening the short supply chain and supporting local products, as well as further strengthening self-sufficiency. The competitiveness of agriculture and the situation of those living from agriculture must be further strengthened – underlined the head of the agricultural ministry.


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