Kende Gastro to open automated store in Budapest featuring AiFi technology

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2021. 11. 19. 11:16

At the September meeting of the Chain Bridge Club Gábor Kende, founder and director of Kende Gastro introduced their cashierless automated store, which is to open in Agora Budapest and utilises AiFi technology.

Every customer becomes a kind of digital signal

Kende Gabor, Kende Gastro

Gábor Kende
founding director
Kende Gastro

Entering the store is possible by using a QR code – after downloading an app and adding a bank card to it. Shopping is done the same way as in any other store; anything can be taken off the shelves as the system only issues an invoice for those products that the customer finally leaves with. Cameras follow the movement of shoppers and the system is GDPR-friendly: the faces aren’t recorded, because upon entering everyone becomes a kind of ‘digital signal’.

Compatibility and returns: so many benefits

Mr Kende told that the system is able to connect with existing business management systems. The in-store cameras can provide an unbelievable amount of information about consumer behaviour. Product selection can be varied, besides food DIY, sports and other products may be added to the grocery selection. Investing in the installation of the system returns, as the shop can be open 24/7 and there are lower personnel costs – this also solves the labour force shortage problem. Real-time stock management is possible and the suppliers themselves can fill up the shelves.

Cost-effective ‘building’

Not only new stores can be built, as already existing shops can also be automated with the help of the camera system. Another real cost-effective solution is container stores: 20m² NanoStores can be set up anywhere and taken away to a new location if sales aren’t satisfactory. //

This article was also published in 11/2021 of Trade magazin.

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