Winter wheat is being harvested in Zala County

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 19. 09:30

Harvesting of the winter wheat produced on nearly 31,000 hectares has begun in Zala County. So far, the crop has been harvested on 6,000 hectares, the average yield is 5.6 tons per hectare – the county president of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) told MTI.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The average yield of rape per hectare is 2.8 tons: 9 thousand hectares were cut on the 12 thousand hectares of sowing area – informed Krisztián Sabján. An average of 5.3 tons of autumn barley was produced per hectare, and harvesting has already been completed in the nearly 7,000-hectare area. More than 70 percent of the spring barley went into granaries, the average yield per hectare on the 750-hectare sowing area is 4.8 tons. 20 percent of the triticale produced on 695 hectares was harvested, the average yield per hectare was 5.2 tons. The average yield of rye per hectare is 3.9 tons, the harvest was completed on one third of the 106-hectare area, he added.

At the time of the spring estimates, the farmers expected a good harvest from the autumn ears of corn, but due to the sudden heatwave, there are many forced-ripened seeds

The stormy weather overthrew the sowing in many places, even modern combine harvesters cannot harvest part of the crop – indicated the NAK county president. He also mentioned that the harvesting work had to be stopped several times due to the storms. In the county of Zala, corn is grown on about 30,000 hectares, and sunflowers on 9,000 hectares. As a result of the high rainfall and high temperatures, the spring crops develop nicely and promise a good harvest.