Allianz: sustainable claims settlement can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions

By: STA Date: 2022. 10. 24. 10:54

Carbon dioxide emissions can be significantly reduced with the sustainable claims settlement of motor vehicles, which, among other things, prioritizes repairs instead of purchasing new parts – Allianz Biztosító announced one of the important findings of its 10th Allianz Motor Day international event with MTI.

(Photo: Pixabay)

In the announcement, Klaus-Peter Roehler, board member of the Allianz group, explained that if insurers increased the percentage of environmentally friendly car repairs in Europe by 2 percentage points, then carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by 30,000 tons per year, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of about 5,100 households. He drew attention to the possibilities of sustainable claims settlement in the field of motor vehicle insurance, citing as an example that the majority of claims resulting from collisions involve minor or moderate external damage, which can be repaired with environmentally friendly methods. The carbon footprint of the production of new parts is much larger than that of repairs, he emphasized. According to him, another factor in sustainable claims settlement could be the introduction of a certification system for workshops operating in European markets that meet sustainability criteria.

There is a need for cooperation in the market

At the conference, it was established about sustainable mobility that electric transportation can be made widely available to the population if all market players develop customer-friendly solutions. These include competitive prices, the faster and wider development of charging infrastructure, as well as useful services related to electric vehicles, they highlighted. Allianz will launch a new pan-European platform in Germany in early 2023 that will provide information on insurance coverage and charging stations, as well as services such as battery testing before buying or selling used electric vehicles, or on-site installation of home wall chargers. with control. A charging card issued with favorable conditions can be purchased on the interface, as well as insurance products specially designed for electric vehicles – they pointed out.

The private and corporate clients of the Allianz group in about 70 countries exceed 126 million, the group manages about EUR 809 billion on behalf of its insurance clients, and in 2021, the group realized EUR 148.5 billion in revenue and EUR 13.4 billion in operating profit.


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