Agrometeorology: dry weather favors harvesting

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 21. 10:45

The mostly dry weather of the past few days favors the harvest, but the heat is not good for the ripening wheat either – HungaroMet Zrt. wrote in its agrometeorological analysis on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

They wrote that the past week has brought increasingly warm, mostly dry weather, but due to the rainy weather of the preceding month, the thirty-day precipitation amount still shows a significant positive difference of between 30 and 90 millimeters in many places compared to the long-term average and in its eastern regions there is a rainfall deficit of 10-40 millimeters in many places. The near-surface part of the soil has dried out a lot compared to the saturated condition in many places a week ago.

Temperatures have risen rapidly since last Friday

On Wednesday, a significant part of the Great Plain reached or exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, and since Tuesday it has not cooled below 15 degrees at night, so the average daily temperature on Wednesday was already between 25 and 28 degrees.

Vegetation, including planted plants, are two to three weeks ahead of normal in their development

In most places, the autumn crops have already matured or are close to full maturity, the harvest has begun, but the heavy rainfall that fell at the beginning of the ripening did not benefit the crop. Fields of corn fell in the areas affected by the downpours, and fungal diseases also caused problems in the often wet stands. Sunflower and corn crops can develop under favorable conditions: the soil still contains sufficient moisture in most places. The sunflowers are already blooming in more and more places, and the corn is also in the pre-flowering stage, these plants would now require the most moisture for their optimal development.

According to the forecast, cold fronts arriving in several waves will moderate the heat and give a chance for some precipitation

On Saturday and Sunday, showers and thunderstorms will form in some places, and although there will be little chance of this on Monday, showers and thunderstorms can be expected in several places from Tuesday. From Sunday, the heat wave will be reduced mainly to the southern and southeastern parts of the country, while maximum values ​​between 26 and 30 degrees will be typical in Transdanubia and the north. The air usually cools down between 15 and 20 degrees at night.


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