Agrometeorology: due to the abundant rainfall, the fields are already waterlogged in some places

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 23. 10:20

The long autumn was favorable for autumn sowing, but due to the abundant rainfall, the soil is too muddy for autumn soil work in many places, and in some places there are already inland areas, the National Meteorological Service announced in its agrometeorological analysis on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

They wrote: the rainy, slightly milder-than-average weather that has lasted for weeks continued in the past week. The top 20 centimeter layer of the soil has become saturated almost all over the country, with the exception of the Alföld. Along the Tisza, in the Baja region and in some places in the Lowland, inland water areas have already formed.

According to the analysis, the long autumn was favorable for autumn sowing, which was accompanied by heavy rainfall especially from the second half of October

The heavy rain has already stopped on the fields in some places, and the herds do not like permanent water coverage. In many places, the soil is too muddy for autumn soil work. Rapeseed is well developed, quickly reaching the 6-8 leaf stage, barley is becoming more and more characterized by bushy stands, and wheat is in the 1-3 leaf stage, and in some places with 3-5 leaf stage, depending on the time of sowing. In Transdanubia and in the north, autumn sowing is more advanced, but in the central and southeastern part of the Great Plain, stocks are weaker and the sowing area seems to be smaller than usual. Due to the few and only weak frosty days, the coloring and falling of the foliage of the natural vegetation occurred well after the usual time. The grass also turned green in the meadows and pastures.

In the continuation, changeable, but wintry weather is expected

From Friday evening, a cold air wave of Arctic origin will arrive over the country from the north, which will swirl here near the Carpathian Basin until the middle of next week. The temperature will drop significantly from Saturday, nationwide frosts are expected, in the middle of next week the air may cool below minus 10 degrees Celsius, and during the day the temperature will only rise close to 0 degrees. Light precipitation is expected several times, and snow may fall in several places from Saturday.


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