50 percent of the catering industry may close the shutters

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 28. 10:21

ATV Híradó contacted several restaurants that have already closed, but none of the former owners wanted to comment. According to László Kovács, the president of the Hungarian Catering Association, it is because they are ashamed of their situation.

They are afraid that if they close for the winter months, they won’t find workers

The operators of the 122-year-old Hauer pastry shop in Budapest also decided to close. As it was also put on the door: due to the adverse effects of the economic environment on the hospitality industry.

A restaurant in the fourteenth district is still holding out, although they are not in an easy situation either. Their electricity costs have tripled, and the price of raw materials changes twice a week.

“We raised prices to a certain extent, but we tried to raise prices as little as possible, and we try to limit the price increase to those foods and food groups where this difference is significant”

– said Gábor Baltai, the owner of Bocanova, to ATV.


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