The real beer revolution

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 04. 10. 10:23

Thanks to craft breweries, the appearance of numerous new beers, the use of special hops, fruits, spices and other interesting ingredients have made beer lovers discover another world, at the same time becoming more sophisticated and demanding. Of course all of these things mean that large breweries must keep up with the changes.

When Carlsberg decided to change the recipe of its most famous beer, they also replaced the famous ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ slogan with ‘Probably not the best beer in the world – so we’ve changed it’! Better quality is promised based on the new barley and hops used, and the new brewing technology. Consumers reacted to the great marketing move as an honest declaration by the company, and they will definitely be satisfied if they get a better beer for their money! //

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