Television commercials at full throttle

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 01. 31. 15:20

What do the Nielsen Audience Measurement data say about the performance of television commercials in 2018?

László Karácsony
strategy and marketing director,

Atmedia’s most important target group is consumers between the ages of 18 and 59 years. Those who belong here watch television for 238 minutes a day. In comparison with 2017, per capita commercial viewing time grew by 5 percent from 26 minutes 59 seconds to 28 minutes and 19 seconds.

In 2018 advertising time increased by 16 percent on average and rose by 11 percent per channel. This meant that the number of commercials viewed per capita a day augmented by 9 percent, from 106 to 116. However, the length of commercials decreased from 23.5 seconds to 23 seconds. Last year the television commercial market produced a total of 2,283,388 18-59 age group EQ GRP – there were almost 135,000 more ratings (up 6 percent) than in 2017. This shows that advertisers are completely aware of the power of television. Perhaps this is the reason why there are periods when demand surpasses the level of supply. //

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