More sunflower seed crops are expected worldwide than last year

By: STA Date: 2024. 07. 09. 09:30

Oil World experts for 2023/2024. 4 percent higher than last year, almost 60 million tons of sunflower seeds are expected worldwide in 2024/2025. financial year. The expected use is 60.6 million tons, and the closing stock of the crop can be 3 million tons.

According to information from the French market analysis company Tallage in June, the warm, dry weather in Romania is not conducive to the development of sunflowers. Although soil recharge is more favorable in Bulgaria, long-lasting high temperatures can adversely affect flowering and seed set. In France, high rainfall and pest pressure caused problems in sunflower fields.

In the European Union, 10.5 million tons of sunflower seeds can be harvested from 4.9 million hectares (+1 percent) this year

According to the data of AKI PÁIR, processors and traders bought sunflower seeds with high oleic acid content (HO) for HUF 153.7 thousand/ton (-2 percent), high oil content (LO) for HUF 156.2 thousand/ton (+13 percent) in June in his last week. The producer price of industrial sunflower seeds (including high oleic sunflower seeds) excluding VAT and transport costs was HUF 155.2 thousand/ton (+7 percent) on average.


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