Almost half of women do not return to their original workplace after maternity leave

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 13. 11:04

Four out of ten women returning from maternity leave found themselves in a situation where their employer did not take them back, even though this would be mandatory under current legislation. A significant number of employees do not have an accurate picture of their rights and opportunities, and employers are often caught unprepared when an employee announces that they are expecting a child. Therefore, with the initiative called The Human Side,, in cooperation with UNICEF Hungary, is helping employees planning to have children and returning to the labor market as parents with young children, as well as employers who employ them, to make the related processes as smooth as possible.

Having a child means a significant change in the lives of employees, because the role of parent determines everyday life in the long term, and work is no exception. The birth and upbringing of a small child is a period when the parents’ lives are radically transformed and thus the focus broadens in addition to work to family life. They often have to make compromises in their work, and if the employer participates in these as a partner, then a situation can be beneficial for both parties: the employee can more easily create a balance in his work and personal life, and the company can more easily retain valuable employees, not to mention the reputational benefits .

Almost every second mother in Hungary does not return to work at the workplace from which she left for maternity leave, according to a representative research conducted on the subject by With this, companies can lose an experienced and long-term motivated employee. By considering the processes before and after maternity leave, with conscious planning and family-friendly measures, both employers and employees win.

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